Stussy Leopard Panel Jacket-US 7


- OMG the damn site always crashes...

- At last! Someone has found me!

- Enjoy your trophy


- US 7


If you see this, one of two things will be true - you are either increadibly lucky and now have the chance to get a hand on this nice pair of limited sneakers - or you just got too late. If you keep on reading this, you will miss your chance on option one and probably automatically switch to option two. So what are you doing here reading this discription?

One important note though:
Due to a 2020 Update in the NIKE Terms, we cannot sell Nike items outside of Europe anymore. Orders placed from Non-EU countries will be cancelled and refunded. We are not refunding currency fluctuations caused by credit card payments.
Germany up to 50€*: 5€ 50€* or more: FREE
EU up to 100€*: 10€ 100€* or more: FREE
The World up to 250€*: 25€ 250€* or more: FREE

*net purchase