Nike SB Dunk Low Pro QS Purple Lobster-US 9.5


- Partially Spreckled Suede upper

- Phat OG Dunk Padding

- All over printed lining

- Comes with 2 extra Laces and 2 sets of Rubber bands


The return of the Lobster! This purple version comes to core SB accounts only again. Pruple partially spreckled suede upper and all over printed lining mimicing table cloth. Super liited. When it comes out and you read this, you are probably already too late, BV1310-555
Germany up to 50€*: 5€ 50€* or more: FREE
EU up to 100€*: 10€ 100€* or more: FREE
The World up to 250€*: 25€ 250€* or more: FREE

*net purchase